Nurture Potential Through Fun:
Our Athletes

As producers of fun,
we spread the joy of sports by supporting athletes
with world-class ambitions!

Supporting the “Tokyo Marathon”

Participation: 2017 to 2019

We offered support as an active partner for the Tokyo Marathon, the largest urban marathon held in Asia that is also known to be one of the six World Marathon Majors. With our headquarters building along the marathon route, we set-up a first aid station there to provide support to the runners, volunteers, and operations, and cheered the runners on with our orange corporate color.

The “B.LEAGUE” professional basketball team, “Shimane Susanoo Magic”

Participation: 2019 to current

Drawn to the ideas and want for challenge shown by the “Shimane Susanoo Magic” and seeking a future of growth with the team, we established BANDAI NAMCO Shimane Susanoo Magic Inc. in 2019 marking our entry into the sports entertainment business. We will continue to challenge ourselves to create entertainment within the field of professional sports.