Fun For the Future!

As part of the BANDAI NAMCO Group, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment aims to provide Dreams, Fun and Inspiration—and have fun doing it! Our mission is to work towards a Fun-Filled Future while meeting the expectations set by the company and stockholders. Our work is founded on the 4 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Themes:

  • Safety and Cleanliness of Products and Services
  • Environmental Consideration
  • Policies Regarding Influence of the Group’s Content and Products on Society
  • Supply Chain Management
授業風景 授業風景
Product health and safety demonstration.
Intellectual Property Awareness Campaign
Intellectual Property Awareness Campaign:
Don, the main character from our popular Taiko Drum Master franchise will make an appearance at the Aomori Nebuta Matsuri festival in northern Japan.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment contributes to society in the form of entertainment experiences. Our feature activities are, for instance, the Kids’ Field Trip to Kasumigaseki and the ASOBI MOTTO project.

Kids’ Field Trip to Kasumigaseki
Kids’ Field Trip to Kasumigaseki