more fun for everyone

Do you wish to enjoy every single day to the fullest, to smile more?
What we want is for people like you to always have a reason to smile.
To bring more joy into your everyday life, and make play a natural part of it.
While working on this goal,
thinking hard of what new types of play we could introduce
into the lives of people all around the world,
we're having quite a lot of fun ourselves.


With our online content, console games, real life entertainment and more,
we strive to offer a wide variety of products and services to a worldwide demographic.
Product information varies depending on the region.
Please visit our regional website for more information on each region's products and services.

  • Network Contents

    We are promoting a large portfolio of contents worldwide, utilizing the worldview of our unique and appealing IPs, such as “THE iDOLM@STER” and “Tales of” series, to be enjoyed on mobile, PC, and on many other conventional platforms.

    Among our IPs, “DRAGON BALL Z Dokkan Battle”, which was released in 2015 for smartphones, has surpassed 300 million downloads, and is currently being enjoyed by players around the world.

  • Home Console Games

    We are actively releasing a wide variety of software titles leveraging the characteristics and strengths of various home video game consoles. We are delivering to the world a wide range of game genres based on our robust portfolio of IPs, with immersive titles, such as “Mobile Suit GUNDAM”, “DRAGON BALL”, and “ONE PIECE”.

    Customers will also find many games that appeal to a broader audience, such as the Japanese drum-based rhythm game, “Taiko No Tatsujin” series, and double Guinness World Records holder, the “TEKKEN” series, and more.

  • Life Entertainment

    By creating new forms of entertainment that are not limited to what is considered traditional within game businesses, we are providing services that utilizes experimental consumption to deliver experiences that can enrich our style of life, such as planning concerts and events and selling official goods that expands the outreach of our IPs.

    We are also offering new forms of “ASOBI (play/fun)” through our official storefront website, “ASOBISTORE” that offers a variety of exclusive products and merchandise, and through our sound entertainment business, “ASOBINOTES” that offers music and sound based products and services.


More Fun For Everyone — Worldwide.

Please visit our regional website for more information on each region's products and services.

Please visit our regional website for more information on each region's products and services.



CEO Message

Continued Transformation into a “Transnational Company” Creating Value for Consumers

I would like to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to health professionals working tirelessly to save as many lives as possible and others fighting to bring the world back to normalcy at the earliest while dealing with a variety of challenges amid a rise in COVID-19 infections.

Last year, we saw the novel coronavirus bring rapid and unprecedented changes to our everyday lives, which we had always taken for granted. The pandemic has deprived us of the excitement of meeting those we care about, going to places we enjoy, and of opportunities to share excitement with family and friends in person. Strongly affected by this loss, we at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment have spent the year thinking of entertainment ideas suited to the times and reconsidering how we can contribute.

In 2020, the company, which was previously divided along business lines into categories such as mobile games or apps, home video games and events, reorganized itself around intellectual property (IP) based groupings. This enables us, as a comprehensive entertainment company, to provide our customers with opportunities to become familiar with and enjoy IPs they would otherwise not encounter simply through games. Additionally, we are now offering our own platform for digitized versions of e-sports and other live events, thereby allowing our customers to overcome locational constraints and participate as avatars, view similar content, and share in the excitement. We trust that by creating new content that goes beyond the framework of games, we are able to bring our customers some comfort in the midst of the anxiety and loneliness wrought by the pandemic, thereby enabling them to lead fuller lives.

Going forward, we will take pride in being entertainment professionals and strive to think outside the box to deliver multifaceted entertainment exceeding the expectations of our fans around the world through quality content that can be enjoyed over a long period.

Further, to fulfill our responsibilities as an entertainment industry company, we will strive to help resolve some of the more serious social problems of our times by sharing the power of our various IPs and contents with those who are struggling to overcome various social challenges.

We hope to receive your continued support and encouragement in our future endeavors.

Yasuo Miyakawa

President & CEO
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.